Project Profiling

  • Project profile is a preliminary project proposal in which cost and benefits (of the project) are estimated. In other words, project profile is a preliminarycost-benefit analysis of a proposed project. Profiting is the second stage of successively more detailed project analysis – a process that proceeds from project idea, to profile, to pre-feasibility, to feasibility, and finally to ‘final design’ or a business more..


team engine snapshots

  • ‘team engine’ joins with Professor
    Muhammad Zafar Iqbal with his noble idea
    to make all his books free to read.

    team engine is developing the official website of renowned Author, Physicist, writer, columnist Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal read more..

  • 'team engine' is supporting to setup
    the first ever Emotional Helpline called
    "Kaan Pete Roi" for Bangladeshi people .

    'team engine' is working with "Kaan Pete Roi" as a voluntary effort providing them with strategic and resource more..


Project Profile Preparation

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